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Play as Mr. Krabs in this Epic third person shooter. Experience a heartfelt story exploring themes of friendship, loss and gratitude all while evading the IRS.  With over 10 minutes of content it'll be sure to make a great YouTube video.

Don’t forget to check out the trailer: 

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Inspired by Mr. Krabs Oversoses on Ketamine by ThrillDaWill

All music used is YouTube friendly as well


Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(60 total ratings)
Tagsketamine, krabs, krusty-krab, money, mr-krabs, patty-wagon, spongebob, tax-evasion

Install instructions

1. Download File

2. Extract File

3. Open Folder and Click .exe file

4. Evade Taxes


MrKrabsTaxEvasion.zip 550 MB


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please ad options its too loud and my gpu over heat

I'll have to try this in real life now. I already got the tutorial.

best game

All jokes aside.. good game;)

I need the epic game launcher :(

Funny game

Muy bueno XDDD 
me encantó haha espero que saques más así XDD
Gameplay en español para mis panas 

Spongebob versione criminale, comunque bello

what are the controls


Being a part of the Ketamine universe, I had high hopes for how this game was going to play out; even without using the exact layout of the "first" game in this series, I can say I was still pleasantly surprised with how this game turned out.

 Tax Evasion takes place after Overdoses on Ketamine, and while this seems like this game would follow the same open world format of its predecessor, the developer of this game decided that a more linear storyline would play out better. In this game, you take the role of Mr. Krabs once again; this time, he's out to escape Bikini Bottom after having evaded his taxes (probably due to all the Ketamine he bought), and he must fight through hordes of tax collectors in order to arrive on his plane. The combat in this game, while still in third person, now has you make use of an AR to dispatch foes and eventually has you return to your roots with a driving sequence.

This game clearly has no bugs, and if it wasn't for the third game in this series, I would recommend this game for an award! The roads are perfectly fine, collision works *exactly* how it should (meaning your car won't flip randomly, probably), and your hitscan weapon will 100% hit every shot!

All in all, this is a series that I'm personally glad is getting more love; it's strange, meme-y, and full of Krabs (what more could you want?)

My playthrough:



Another fine addition to the canon of the cursed spongebob universe

I really loved this game, I can't wait playing the other ones as well. The story fits well. The only problem i had was with the Car , it randomly started flying all over the place. I made a little video about it if someone is interested. The game starts at 14:41 

This game is legit hilarious. I love the cliff jump in it :)

This is everything I anticipated and wanted in this game about Mr Krabs' very accurate life!! Nothing like game breaking bugs to add to the gaming experience...I enjoyed it thoroughly haha! Great work, game play is below if interested :)


make version for linux please

Have you tried running it through wine?

yeah, but it will works better when it be build for linux

Speedrun: 03:39,17. WR?


Nope, fastest time I've seen is 37.76 seconds lol

T A X.

3 try to easy

Hilarious game lots of crazy glitches happened when I played lol

i played it and died like 3 times, goddamn sometimes i wish this game had a checkpoint system💀 gonna also post the mr krabs commits arson soon so stay tuned


Charlie has to play this game aka MoistCr1TiKaL


Can u make a 32-bit version?

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Pretty fun, I enjoy Mr. K and his AK

is there plans for more levels because there should be i am big fan and you are very epic

What a wonderful game
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I thought it was incredibly bizarre that there were so many youtube reviews for this game , but I wanted to know exactly how many.

I inspected the comment element in firefox and counted 65 matches. I took this into a text editor and filtered it down to 63. I then loaded this into Python because I wanted to know what the average view count was. As of this post, the minimum views were 5, maximum 731 and an average of 118. Here's the distribution:

Not sure if this is a phenomenon exclusive to itch.io but I found it incredibly strange. I guess people are trying to become famous by posting video responses? Is it because it works? Did some big youtuber play this game and everyone's here trying to get second-hand attention? What's going on.


I believe it is due to the emotional story telling the game presents along with the innovative gameplay.  They simply want to share this journey with others.  I myself shed several tears during the development of this project due to the shear beauty it presents.  

I did have some PTSD flashbacks when I picked up the OSRS brass key so I guess it's emotional


this game was wonderful, the gameplay , the music , the humor five out of five stars for this. One question, What is the music that plays after you beat the bull worm and win the game?


I think it's because of "Krabs overdoses on Ketamine", other people have then made more meme games centered around Krabs and it seems to be why it's picking up pace.

So you're half right.

One of the all time great SpongeBob game on this site!! Had a blast playing it... Patty wagon was a bit buggy but made for some funny moments lmao!!

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get good lol


fuging normie


Mr Krabs is shooting his way through bikini bottom while chasing his car!!

This was amazing!!

ay fool all ima say is that it aint let me play this game 

Greetings from Germany <3


The gameplay was not only funny, but actually pretty fire😂 Let no one say this isn't more fire than the recent CODs that came out lol

is really good 

It really is a short and fun experience


I was worried that I would not find this

ayo cheat list anytime soon😳

I absolutely love these spongebob games 10/10 would recommend this game!

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